R S Fencing Ltd has invested in specialist equipment to assist working on difficult site and we are happy to undertake the manual work required when vehicle access is limited or nonexistent.

We can use our 4.5 ton slew to clear the fence line, stow the bucket under a specially designed cradle for carrying materials on the digger's counter weight, then attach a Protech post driver and erect the posts

Where the digger is too heavy or large to access the fence line the strainers can be dug in manually, and with the aid of a compressor and 100m of hose, the intermediate stakes can be driven using our hand held post driver.

If the access is good the we can use the John Deere 6420s and Bryce Suma post driver. This is a very efficient post driving outfit allowing us to accurately drive 6' 3-4" stakes for a post and rail fence or hammer 8' 8-9" gate post into most ground conditions.